We listen to your glucose.

GlucoSOUND is a non-invasive continuous precision glucose monitoring system that does not require blood sampling or needles.

537 million, roughly 1 in 10, people worldwide suffer from Diabetes. This number is projected to reach 643 million by 2030 and 783 million by 2045. Diabetics must manage their lifestyle THEMSELVES, including diet and proper exercise, in combination with periodic blood glucose monitoring.


Diabetics have 2 choices when it comes to Glucose management. Blood sampling is the most accurate, but patients have to deal with painful needles. Patients are at a higher risk and many stop because of the pain and irritation. Minimally invasive continuous blood glucose monitors which are less accurate and still require needles to be inserted all day long. Neither choice is ideal!


HME Square’s non-invasive wearable continuous glucose monitoring system delivers the accurate results of blood sampling with requiring needles. Thanks to photoacoustics based on MEMS sensor technology, GlucoSOUNDS improves the lives of diabetics by reporting precise continuously updated glucose measurements easily and pain free directly to our convenient smart phone application.

We listen to your glucose


Thanks to photoacoutics based on MEMS sensor technology, GlucoSOUND’s wearable continuous blood glucose monitoring device provides precision measurements without using needles.